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Introducing our innovative Blow Dry Bar Express, a game-changer in effortless style and party-ready looks.


Our ultimate goal is to offer you a swift and flawless hairstyling experience that saves you precious time and energy.


For a mere £15, indulge in a luxurious wash accompanied by your preferred style, or if you prefer, let our skilled stylists master the art of the perfect blowout for you.


For just £12, arrive with your hair freshly washed and primed for perfection.


We believe that by following this simple step, we can guarantee exceptional results every time.

Blowdry Bar - Curly Blow - £15

Blowdry Bar Straight Blow - £15

Blowdry Bar GHD Curls - £17

Blowdry Bar Blow Out (pre-washed hair) - £12

Elite Blowdry Bar - Curly Blow - £18

Elite Blowdry Bar - Straight Blow - £18

Elite Blowdry Bar GHD Curls - £20

Elite Blowdry Bar Blow Out (pre-washed hair) - £14

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